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Do you have any questions about magic? What is the best coin book? What is the best method for bringing a card to the top of the deck? Where can I learn more vanishes with sponge-balls

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  1. What is the difference between "forcing a card" and a "magicians force"?

    1. Good question George! The term force is used and misused in magic quit often. In magic the word "force" refers to a spectator thinking they are having a free selection, when really they are selecting what the magician has predetermined they would.

      The difference between the two is mainly in method. Forcing a card, naturally only has to do with cards. A Magicians Force can be used to force the selection of about anything.

      FORCING A CARD - Is all about handling the cards. The easiest card force is the Cris-Cross Force. Popular card forces are The Riffle Force, and The Slip Cut Force. There are also mathematical forces like the Ten Down Force.

      MAGICIANS FORCE - Sometimes called Equivoque, is all about the patter (what you say). By clever use of questions, options are narrowed until the desired selection is achieved.

      If you would like to see any of these in action I would be happy to show you via web cam. Or if you would like the "explanation" type information I can provide that via email or web cam also.

      I can be reached at fyeomagiconlin@gamil.com


  2. What is your favorite magic trick?

  3. My initial response is to answer the MasteRing System Cup and Ball, specifically the "day in San Francisco" routine. But in all fairness I probably feel that way because I created it.

    Favorite card trick is a tie between Lenart Green's Laser Deal, and Daryl's Cardboard Chameleons.

    Generally speaking I really like classic magic. I also have a special fondness for closeup magic.


  4. Are you fond of Erdnases book (the expert at the card table) is it a must have for magicians or not? Also is it mostly gamblers techniques or just great for both?