Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Creating a magic trick - part 10

It has been a while since I have updated everyone as to the status of the “Creating a Magic Trick” project. Let me review what has happened to date.

I created a project to create a magic trick, and document each step of the process. It was determined early on that this magic trick would ultimately be one for sale, so packaging, artwork, and price point would be a factor.

Along the way the effect was named “Backs, Faces, & Middle” (BFM). The collection of posts to date is available from a menu selection on the left side of the FYEO Magic Online screen.

Two things have been hurdles to overcome for this project. One was the printing the word ‘middle” on the cards. The other was trying to secure video equipment to make a demo. These have now, both been rectified.

A new direction for the trick! Instead of having the cards say middle they will have a mirror finish. The new name will be Backs, Faces, & Mirrors (BFM). This will resolve the printing on the cards issue. Video equipment was purchased and everything is a go. 

The documentation is complete with the exception of the photographs. I will need assistance for this, as it is difficult to take a photograph of yourself if you are using both hands to perform. I know I tried.


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